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Many of our customers have asked us to offer knife sharpening services. We decided to listen and now offer the best knife sharpening service you can find.

Our process is 100% worry free and takes no time away from your busy lives.

Want your knives to cut anything like butter? They do an amazing job, razor sharp and great rates.

                 Paul D.


What We

Our sharpening service is simple.

We pick up your knives from your home in the morning and deliver them the same day. The entire process takes less than 12 hours. So you have no worries. You don't have to squeeze it into your schedule or be unable to use your knives for long periods of time. All you need to do is collect your knives, fill out an order form, and put your knives on your doorstep or mailbox.


Price per Inch $1.50

We suggest this option if you only have a few knives you need sharpened. We charge for every inch of blade not of the entire knife.


All of Your Knives $50

This option is perfect for knife sets or knife enthusiasts. If you need a lot of knives sharpened then skip the measurements and just order our bulk service.

*up to 12 knives

Professional and also personable.  An organized process with little effort needed on my part.

Susanna B.

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