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Design Your Own Custom Knife

  • Step 1 in designing your own custom knife is to pick the type of knife that you want.  Some of the options are Kitchen or Parring knife, Skinner, Neck knife, belt knife, Bowie, Cleaver, Seax and much more.

  • Step 2 is to find out the dimensions you want your knife.  Make sure to tell us how long you want it and how wide.  Also what type of steel you want.  (we can make Damascus if wanted)

  • Step 3 is the finish on the blade.  We finish all of our blades to at least 400 grit (unless specified otherwise ) and we can also polish them on a buffing wheel.  Anything in between will also work.  (If you do not like the hammer marks on the blade make sure to tell us and we will take them off.)

  • Step 4 is to choose the handle material you want.  Some of the handle materials that we use are Micarta, Walnut, Ironwood, Curly Maple, Antler, Zebra wood, Purple Heart, and other Exotic woods.  If you want a different handle material just contact us to figure details and prices.  If you want finger wells in your handle make sure to tell us.

  • Step 5 is the sheath and not everyone needs to do this step.  But if you want your knife to have a sheath make sure to tell what type and what material.  We recommend leather.

  • Step 6 is personalizing.  If you want you handle to have your name on it or your sheath to have something on it make sure to contact us and tell us what you want and we will see if we can do it.  We can also stamp initials or any numbers or letters on the blade.

  • Step 7 is not mandatory but it really helps us.  We would like you to send us a sketch of what you want your knife to look like make sure it is very detailed.​

  • Note Take into consideration that because your knife is custom it will take at least 2 to 3 weeks to complete.(Not including shipping) 

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